Should Schools Start Later in the Morning?

Have you ever wondered why kids at school always seem to be so tired? Most kids aren’t being lazy, they’re just not getting enough sleep! The kids aren’t getting as much sleep as they need, and it’s not healthy for them at all. The lack of sleep is affecting a lot of kid’s performance at school, including their grades.

Many people think schools are starting too early in the morning. Others think school starting times are fine the way they are now. Most schools across the United States start at around 7:55 to 8:00 in the morning. Students are complaining about how early school is starting, and they want a change.

I feel that school should start later because kids really do need more sleep. Not only does sleep keep kids healthy, but if kids could sleep a little bit more on school days, their grades could improve so much. If the student was fully awake at school, their attention span to their teacher would increase and so would their concentration.

On, I found that a recent study of eight U.S. high schools that delayed their start times, found improvement in kids’ grades, attendance, and car crash rates.

 Also, on, I found that a 2006 study by the National Sleep Foundation found 87% of high school students got less than the recommended 8 ½ to 9 ½  hours of sleep on school nights, and 28% of students reported falling asleep in school.

According to, a study released in February that tracked 9,000 high school students in three states showed that grades in science, math, English, and social studies all rose when school began at 8:35 or later.

Some people say that kids should just start going to sleep earlier. But going to sleep earlier can be really hard to fit into a schedule for some kids. Adding after school activities with homework, and anything else going on at home, there are times when kids have to stay up later. I’m not saying kids don’t stay up late watching TV or staying up on their phones, or any other electronic device they have, because a lot of kids are guilty of that. But kids need time to do their own thing too.

Kids need sleep as much as they need education. With schools starting so early in the morning, kids aren’t getting the amount of sleep that they need. Student’s grades and attendance would increase, not only benefitting  them, but their schools too. I should know, after all, I am a kid!

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