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My favorite character is Tris, from Divergent. Tris is my favorite character because I love how confident and brave she is. She’s always wanting to explore new places and try new things. I was so excited when she switched from her old faction Abnegation, to Dauntless. Abnegation is the selfless, and Dauntless is the brave. I thought Dauntless was the perfect faction for Tris even though she is Divergent.

Tris is always looking for new adventures and I love that about her. I love it because she does things that I wouldn’t even consider doing! I just love her bravery! Almost everything that Tris ever did had me amazed. Because of all the action she took part of, I just never wanted to stop reading that book. It was too exciting!

For example, there is one part in the book where she had just joined the Dauntless and they were all standing on the roof of Dauntless head quarters. The Dauntless leader Eric, asked who would be the first jumper to jump off the roof into the compound. Tris volunteered! I thought she really brave to do that! She didn’t even know what would be at the bottom! I thought that was amazing.

Those are the reasons I love Tris! I hope everyone enjoyed my post about her!

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