What is my favorite Genre?

 Today I’m going to be telling you what my favorite genre is  and why it is my favorite. I will be telling about the book that affected my  choice and how it fits in my favorite genre.
My favorite genre is  definitely realistic fiction. Realistic fiction is my favorite because it always  seems to make me want to keep reading until my whole book is over. To me,  realistic fiction is the most exciting genre of all. In realistic fiction, the  story could be about almost anything as long as it could happen in real life. I  really like that about realistic fiction because the story feels so real when I  read it and the story never gets boring when it’s like that.
The books  that have affected my choice of realistic fiction are The Hunger Games,  by Suzanne Colins and Divergent, by Veronica Roth. I love both of those  books so much! They are both really exciting and I read both books really fast  because they were so good.
Divergent affected my choice of  realistic fiction because of all of the detail about the adventures and action  that’s happening in it. There is always so much detail about all that is  happening to Tris, (the main character) and Tobias, (Tris’ instructor and  boyfriend). When I read this book, I really did feel like I was right there with  Tris and Tobias in the same situation. For example, there is one part in the  book where the Erudite run an attack simulation on the Abnegation. Tris is  Divergent so the simulation doesn’t work on her. While the simulations running,  Tris tries to go in Erudite headquarters to destroy the simulation. Tris was  doing something very dangerous and she got shot in the shoulder. I got so into  the book I really felt like I was with her the whole time.
The  Hunger Games affected my choice because of all of the excitement and action  in it. For example, The Hunger Games is about a girl named Katniss Everdeen.  There are twelve districts and Katniss lives in district twelve. Each year there  is a reaping in each district for kids ages twelve through eighteen, where they  reap one boy and one girl to do the Hunger Games. Katniss was picked for the  girls to go. The Hunger Games is a thing ran by president Snow when one boy and  one girl from each district go into an arena and kill each other until there is  one living person left. While Katniss was in the arena there was so much  excitement and action it had my heart beating a mile a minute!
The  Hunger Games and Divergent both fit into realistic fiction because  both stories are about something that could happen or could be real. Although  the people aren’t actually real and the stories aren’t about something that  actually happened, they still could be real and the things people use in the  stories are usually real.
Well now I’ve told you about my favorite genre  and why I love it! I hope you enjoyed! :)

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